Preparing for Federal Prison

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Preparation

One of the first times I thought I might be going to prison was when federal investigators showed up at my place of employment to ask questions about my former work. Needless to say when I asked them if I was in need of an attorney or if I was in trouble they simply stated, they weren’t sure.

Obviously I didn’t know for sure, for sure, until I was sentenced. Still, as you go through this process, and as things happen, you start to get the idea that you are going to be going to prison. I was lucky to the extent that I remained out on my own recognizance (ROR) and had about three months to prepare for the process of going to prison. There are many that are nowhere near as lucky. Some will never see a free day during the entire pre-trial process. If you are lucky enough to be given a bond or ROR, then you should take the time to do what I did and research all I could about prison. This will prepare you to be as successful as possible while incarcerated. Make sure you read as much information as possible and always look at the date the information was written. Things change so much and very quickly.

You are almost guaranteed to be anxious about going to prison. If you are going to a minimum security camp, a lot of the anxiety can be eliminated by just getting informed. I kept waiting for the terror to begin my first day of my prison experience, and it never materialized. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of ways to get involved in drama, but if you are going to prison as a general unknown, then there is not anyone there waiting to necessarily give you a hard time.

Saying goodbye to my fiancée and my brother the day I left home was the worst for me. I was given the option to self-report (i.e. take myself to prison). They drove me to the prison and dropped me off. It was very emotional for all involved. I was in a bit of a state of shock, but I was willing myself to go through the motions. I am telling you now that if you have to say goodbye to family, people who truly love you, then that will be far worse than what waits for you your first day at prison.

  1. Innis says:

    I did exactly what the Ray Liotta character in “Goodfellas” did – I took six 0.5 mg alprazolam (Xanax) tablets and told by brother “now drive me to prison”.

  2. Barry says:

    Can you share with me what exactly you were charged with? I assume you went into a plea agreement and was charged via an information rather than indictment? Do you recall what your offense level was in the sentencing guidelines (if you ever received this information)?

    • Life in a Federal Prison Camp says:

      I was charged via information for making a false statement on government documents. I don’t recall the level I was at but my sentence was through a plea deal.

      • Barry says:

        I have just entered into a plea deal for one felony count of bankruptcy fraud via an information. I have not been to court yet, they just sent the plea agreement Friday and I have to accept it no later than tomorrow. The agreement states that my offense level is 8 and that the government recommends a sentence within the guidelines. The guidelines say 0-6 months imprisonment but because it is in zone A probation is an option. However, the agreement does not recommend a specific sentence just that the governments wants something within the guidelines. This has me left wondering what the sentence will be. But my attorney says it is up to the judge but of course he is going to request probation only. Thanks for the response and for your time!

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