Atlanta Federal Prison Camp On Lockdown (Update)

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Federal Prison Camp, Inmate Population

I was reading another source this morning and they mentioned that the Atlanta Federal Prison Camp is still on lockdown, but not as bad as they were before.  The inmates are not allowed back outdoors, but they have to be in their dormitories by 6:30pm.  That’s not a bad deal.  Basically that will give them about an hour after chow time.  Work is still suspended except for just a few select inmates (mainly those working for Unicor).  Commissary privileges are now allowed but only for hygiene products (shampoo, soap, medicines, etc.).  And they are finally allowed to use the phone; however it’s for only during specific hours and they are limited to only a 5-minute phone call.  So they are getting some sort of normalcy back.  Still no visitation though.

Needless to say my sources have said that all the inmates are still being watched extremely close and they won’t get their full privileges back for some time.  But at least they are getting out now and are not stuck in their units all day and night.  At least some of the tension will be relieved.

Apparently they have had multiple shake-downs and contraband has been found; AGAIN!  At least this time it was just some cigarettes. For those who don’t know all Federal Prisons are Smoke-Free. The sight of any cigarette or lighter will get you an extra 6 months.  Some inmates just don’t seem to care about how their actions affect others.  But it seems all is well and everyone is getting along okay.  So far no one has been cited for the original incident.

  1. Anonymous says:

    As of beginning March – still on lockdown, phone priviledges & computer have be reinstated; although limited to eve hrs. Visitation has NOT been reinstated

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