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Keeping Going

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Federal Prison Camp

There are many times in one’s life where we all lose control of some aspect of our lives. No place will give you that feeling as much as life in the Federal Prison System.  While a lot of it is designed that way, it is very easy to feel like you have lost complete control of everything  and lost all touch with reality.

When you first arrive you are indoctrinated into the “Ways of the Prison System”. You are told you have to go to bed at a certain time; you aren’t allowed outside until a specific time; you have to wear certain clothes at certain times and days; etc.  All of these seem pretty basic and are usually not a surprise to anyone who has any familiarity with the prison system.  The one thing they don’t tell you is that you will have a great deal of time all to yourself.  And for some inmates this can be very dangerous.

While in Atlanta, I saw several people come into the system and several leave; both physically and mentally.  Watching new inmates coming into the system you get to see the look of fear and anguish on their faces.  Obviously no one really wants to be in the system and it can be very disheartening.  I’m not saying that the prison system needs to be a “happy go-lucky” type of place.  However, there is a line that needs to be drawn between treating people like animals and treating them like people.  During your indoctrination you are screamed at, yelled at, told you mean nothing, and you will pay for you all you have done.  You are told that they will take everything they can from you just because they can and they will haunt you every day you are at the facility.  For some this may be necessary.  I guess that depends on the crime. (more…)


Things to do

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Federal Prison Camp

One thing that you will find about being in a Federal Prison Camp is that there is a lot of down time.  You will have to make sure that you find something to do to keep yourself busy in order to keep yourself out of trouble.  The staff at the Federal Prison Camp will not help you with keeping yourself busy as they typically are looking at only doing those things that they have to in order to complete their checklist.  Make sure you find something that will not only occupy your time, but make sure that you are able to enjoy yourself.


For me that thing was reading.  While I was only in a Federal Prison Camp for a short period of time, I found that reading allowed me to escape where I was.  If I could get myself engrossed in a book then there was nothing else that was going to bother me (that includes the annoying fire alarms that seemed to go off on a daily basis).  The camp  has its own library (mainly books that are donated by inmates.  The choices are pretty good and definitely you will find something in there you will enjoy.  It is not your typical library as you won’t find any research style boos.  Mainly fiction books, but you can find some biographical ones.  It seems that murder/mystery are the books of choice for most inmates, but there were some Science Fiction and surprisingly a large amount of Romance novels in the library. (more…)