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It’s been six months today since my release from the Atlanta Federal Prison Camp.  So far life is moving on, but not at the pace I was hoping or expected.

It’s been six months and I’ve yet to get a job, my unemployment has run out, and apparently I’m not eligible for emergency unemployment.  Has it been tough?  Yes it has.  It has been one of the toughest things to go through.  One might even say it was tougher than actually being in prison. (more…)


In general, finding employment is not an easy task.  Especially in today’s job market.  While we have seen the unemployment rate drop significantly over the last year we still aren’t where we want to be as a country.  Not many people enjoy pounding the pavement to find a job; it’s not easy and can be very depressing.  No one wants to hear “No” and no one surely wants to think that they are not qualified for a particular position.

Take the current conditions of the job market; throw being a felon on top of that and you have conditions that can be very depressing.  Yes there are programs out there to aid convicted felons in getting a job, but there are very few employers who want to take advantage of these programs!  Most employers are looking for individuals who have clean records, and if they know you have one, it doesn’t matter how qualified you are for a position. (more…)