One Year Later

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Life after Prison

Today I celebrate (if you want to call it that) the anniversary from when I surrendered myself to federal government in Atlanta, Ga to serve my three months of prison time.

Unfortunately not a lot has changed since that time. I’ve gained about 20 pounds, I’m way too informed on all the comings and goings within the national and local news, and I haven’t left the house for longer than 1 hour in over a year. All a small price to pay for what could’ve been.

As I reflect on that day in which I embarked on my journey I remember all the fear, anxiety, and raw emotion I had during that three-hour car ride. My main thought was on the unknown. What was I going to face? Would I be able to survive? Am I strong enough emotionally to get through this? There were all kinds of thoughts racing through my mind.

I still have a good number fears…will I be able to find work? Will I be able to live with this stigma of being a felon?

I know I’m a strong person and my brief interlude in Federal Prison was just a small glitch while making a better life for myself. But it’s not going to be easy. I’ll get there…someway, somehow.


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