I know I haven’t written in a while…

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Life after Prison
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I know I have been remiss in writing over the last couple of months.  Lots has happened which has forced me to stay very busy!

I was finally released from my home confinement on November 27th, but not without complications and a lot of work on my part.  One would think that you will be released from you ankle bracelet on the day designated by your probation officer when they first put it on.  Well, not with the probation officer I had.

About a week prior to my designated date I sent an email to my probation officer in order to confirm his availability to remove my ankle bracelet on the designated day (it was the day before Thanksgiving).  Needless to say I did not hear from him.  Two days later, still no response.  This time I opted to call him and leave a voicemail, again, no response.  I then just left it along until November 27th.  Yeah, probably should not have waited.

November 27th came….I waited in 10:00am and I called his cell phone, left a voicemail.  12:00pm, I called the office, no one answered so I call the PO’s cell phone and left another voicemail, no response.  Around 3:00pm I attempted to contact my PO again, no response.  At approximately 4:00pm (after blowing up his cell phone some more) he called me back and wanted to know what the emergency was.  I told him that I was supposed to get my bracelet off and was wondering if he was going to come by prior to 5:00pm (he had already taken off for the day; I could hear his kids in the background).  He responded with, “It’s not time to take that off of you.  You don’t get it off until Monday.”

Oh did my blood boil.  I said, I have documentation directly in front of me and signed by you saying it was to be removed today.  His response, “let me look into it and I’ll call you back”.  At this point I’m ready to blow up out of frustration.  I got a phone call thirty minutes later.  He said, that I was correct and I was supposed to get it off that day.  He told me to wait another thirty minutes and I can just cut the bracelet off my ankle, unplug the receiver device and plug my phone back into my wall.  He would come by the next week to pick up all the equipment.  Oh the level of frustration!  The greatest part is I got to spend Thanksgiving at my fiancée’s family’s home instead of having to sit at the house.  I just couldn’t believe that they did not keep track of when an individual is supposed to have their  bracelets removed.

Lesson learned!!!  Keep track of all of you information, dates, requirements, etc.  You don’t know when you may have to correct or help your probation officer perform his duties!!!!!

  1. Mike says:

    Holy smokes. Brian. Glad it’s over for u

  2. Anonymous says:

    I came across your blog. need help getting thru to Atlanta BOP. Husband not getting asthma meds. Supposed to be there temp on way to med facility. Had been in another “camp”. Any advice? Have called but told he’s getting it. He’s not. Don’t want to make waves but he needs meds to breath. Thanks.

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