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Probation Reivew

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Life after Prison

I’ve been off of Home Confinement now for about 7 months.  All I can say is it is great to be able to get out and go pretty much anywhere without having “special” permission.  Also I finally found a job!  Hence my lack of writing for a while.  It’s a decent, but not great job.  As with most people re-entering the workforce these days it is well below what my education and experience.  However, I’ve never been too proud and was willing to take what I could so that I could be working.  I do enjoy and get a chance to interact with a variety of people and organizations.

That being said, getting a job is great, but I do still have my conviction and history hanging over my head.  At the conclusion of the evaluation period I was supposed to get a pay increase.  However, when the time came they negated any raise and kept my pay at the evaluation level stating that I was lucky to be working.  It’s really frustrating, but I would agree I am happy to be working.

Life continues to get better and better.  My life is slowly getting back to normal….well, that was until the Friday prior to Mother’s Day.  I received a package in the mail from the probation department.  It was time for the financial review and a note on the inside said I need to have it turned in by the coming Tuesday.  Well, there goes all the Mother’s Day plans we had.

These are similar to the information done in the pre-investigation reporting; they can be pretty extensive and complicated.  The biggest issue is that most bills are paid online and I  never see the full bill.  In speaking to my PO, she stated that in order for someone to be removed from probation they will have to submit to these items.  That sounded like very good news.  I was going to do what I could get off probation.  It took me over 10 hours and almost a 1/2 ream of paper.  Needless to say I dropped it off on that Tuesday and am keeping my fingers crossed that there won’t be any more requests for information.

I’m now half-way through my probationary period.  Will I be released early?  Will I be able to spend my life the way I was prior to my conviction?  We can only hope and pray I am.