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I am always asked about the food in prison so it I thought I would do a quick write-up.  It seems that television and crime shows always show the baloney sandwich or the mush of some prisons.  Although I only served a short time at the Atlanta Camp, I can affirm that the food there was not too bad.  It definitely lacked the spices and flavors of food from home, but it was decent. The chow hall offered a comfortable environment for eating. In retrospect, it was reminiscent of a school cafeteria.

At Atlanta, the menu followed a five-week cycle (as do most Federal Prisons).  The mornings brought pancakes, oatmeal, cereal, eggs (sometimes hard-boiled), and biscuits and gravy. I usually woke at 5am each morning to get my shower and get ready for the day to begin. I routinely walked to the chow hall around 6:00 and waited in line to get my helping of food. Some would bring their own cereal, oatmeal or other items from the commissary. (more…)



Posted: January 1, 2013 in Detention Center Unit Complex, Food

The one thing that everyone seems to be most concerned about is the food that you will be served.  And they certainly do have something to be concerned with.

In the beginning you will receive food that is extremely bland and in some cases very inedible.  While you are in the DCU you will be fed three meals a day.  It’s your choice to eat them or not.  If you choose not to eat you want to make sure you have some commissary items to get your through the day.  In the DCU  you will definitely want to have a bag of chips or other snacks available.

Keep in mind that all your meals are prepared (at least in the DCU, Atlanta) by the Medium Security Inmates and sent to the DCU. They come in a hot box and are delivered to your cell by Orderlies (other inmates). These inmates will place the food in your food tray and get it to you. If you don’t take the tray, eat your food, and place the tray back in your food tray, you will not get fed. Make sure you always take your food and then decide what you want to eat. Food will get better once you get to the camp. As will your portion size.  You will only have about 10 minutes to eat your meal and get it back to your food tray. (more…)