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Since being released from prison, on August 21st, 2012, I have spoken to a number people about my time in the Federal Prison Camp.

Anyone who has read my blog and has had similar experiences to mine knows that I have tried to be as candid as possible in regards to what happens in the prison camp.  I’m not here to judge one person or another; no matter what their crime was or what their beliefs are.  I also believe that ever prisoner has a duty to make good use of their time while incarcerated.  In my case, I felt as if I had relied on my family long enough.  They didn’t mind helping me, and I will forever be grateful for their emotional and financial support.  I am practical, however, and I recognized that at some point I would need to sustain myself again.  Thinking of my family constantly, I decided that I needed to make the most of my time in prison.  Rather than spending my days mulling over all the bad things that I had done or been subjected to, I decided to look inward and reevaluate the patterns of my life.  I finally acknowledged that I alone was responsible for my troubles and decision.  I accepted that retribution and punishment were part of my choices I made.  Once I was able to come to peace with this I was able to find strength and begin the healing process.  The alternative would have been to cling to negativity and create an environment that in my opinion holds back so many prisoners.

Not knowing what prison life was going to be like; except for those images depicted on television and the movies; I talked to several inmates upon my arrival in hopes of trying to decide the best way to get through my predicament.  My determinations…focus on the future, remember the past, but don’t dwell on it.  I figured that keeping the end in mind would be the only way to keep my sanity and ensure success when released.  Doing this will make sure that your days of confinement are much more productive and easier to get through. (more…)


In general, finding employment is not an easy task.  Especially in today’s job market.  While we have seen the unemployment rate drop significantly over the last year we still aren’t where we want to be as a country.  Not many people enjoy pounding the pavement to find a job; it’s not easy and can be very depressing.  No one wants to hear “No” and no one surely wants to think that they are not qualified for a particular position.

Take the current conditions of the job market; throw being a felon on top of that and you have conditions that can be very depressing.  Yes there are programs out there to aid convicted felons in getting a job, but there are very few employers who want to take advantage of these programs!  Most employers are looking for individuals who have clean records, and if they know you have one, it doesn’t matter how qualified you are for a position. (more…)

Everyone in prison has someone on the outside waiting for them to get out.  For some they are children, wives, or girlfriends.  For others, it is their parents or other family members.

Life on the “inside” is often determined by interactions between these people and the inmates.  Believe it or not inmates get very upset when they don’t hear from their children, don’t get an email on a regular basis, or don’t hear from anyone.  An inmate’s life is all dependent on the sense of hope that those on the outside will love and remember them despite the issue of them being in prison. (more…)