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I know I have been remiss in writing over the last couple of months.  Lots has happened which has forced me to stay very busy!

I was finally released from my home confinement on November 27th, but not without complications and a lot of work on my part.  One would think that you will be released from you ankle bracelet on the day designated by your probation officer when they first put it on.  Well, not with the probation officer I had.

About a week prior to my designated date I sent an email to my probation officer in order to confirm his availability to remove my ankle bracelet on the designated day (it was the day before Thanksgiving).  Needless to say I did not hear from him.  Two days later, still no response.  This time I opted to call him and leave a voicemail, again, no response.  I then just left it along until November 27th.  Yeah, probably should not have waited. (more…)


Many Federal Prisoners will encounter an entirely different life once they have been released from Federal Prison.  Some will encounter a completely different world compared to the one they left when they were first arrested.  Some have rarely used a computer and most haven’t seen they way the internet has evolved and become such an integral part of most everyone’s daily life.

While the former inmate may be dealing with all of these change they also have to deal with Probation, Community Corrections, or even Home Confinement.  I know I didn’t miss a lot while I was locked up (for 3 months).  However, the “Release System” is extremely challenging (although a necessary evil for some) to truly reintegrate of an individual into overall society.  Of course all of this depends on the Probation Officer you have assigned to you. (more…)