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Everyone in prison has someone on the outside waiting for them to get out.  For some they are children, wives, or girlfriends.  For others, it is their parents or other family members.

Life on the “inside” is often determined by interactions between these people and the inmates.  Believe it or not inmates get very upset when they don’t hear from their children, don’t get an email on a regular basis, or don’t hear from anyone.  An inmate’s life is all dependent on the sense of hope that those on the outside will love and remember them despite the issue of them being in prison. (more…)


Many Federal Prisoners will encounter an entirely different life once they have been released from Federal Prison.  Some will encounter a completely different world compared to the one they left when they were first arrested.  Some have rarely used a computer and most haven’t seen they way the internet has evolved and become such an integral part of most everyone’s daily life.

While the former inmate may be dealing with all of these change they also have to deal with Probation, Community Corrections, or even Home Confinement.  I know I didn’t miss a lot while I was locked up (for 3 months).  However, the “Release System” is extremely challenging (although a necessary evil for some) to truly reintegrate of an individual into overall society.  Of course all of this depends on the Probation Officer you have assigned to you. (more…)